Susun Gallery


I am an acrylic painter, teacher, and lover of all things Hawaiian.


I opened Susun Gallery Artschool in Santa Cruz, California in 1987, after a career as a sign painter in the San Jose area, and as a fine art consultant in Carmel.   


Susun Gallery Artschool is home to hundreds of talented art students, all learning to draw, paint and sculpt their world, their way.


I'm currently teaching in Hilo on Hawaii Island, sharing my art knowledge with the Big Island communities, and exploring all the beauty that is here.    


These new places and experiences help me to realize home is where you are.  My love of art  drives me to share my life with new people.   I can easily organize class events for corporations, schools and private groups.


Artschool on the Beach is my  outdoor studio, and a fun way for locals and visitors to explore painting with great results in a short period of time.  Discover  your paradise while creating a personal masterpiece in Hawaii.


Come join me and let me introduce you to new art attitudes and altitudes.  Explore every grain of sand, fill your paint cup from a waterfall, rub red dirt and black sand into your painting, and take divine notes from nature. 


Get your feet wet, feel the aloha flow through your brush, and paint rainbows from life.  Make a lasting memory,

for yourself,

and the one's you love.


All ages, all cultures,

e komo mai with aloha,